Organising Provider Numbers for Health Funds

Most health funds provide rebates for professional services delivered by Myotherapist members of Myotherapy Association Australia. Download the following documents for staying up-to-date with your Health Fund obligations and processes for each Health Fund: Step-by-step guide to organising your provider numbers, Recognition as a Provider with Health Funds, Record Keeping Requirements, and Receipt Guidelines.


Australian Unity

Apply to Aust Unity using the Australian Unity Application form provided following membership approval.

Medibank and BUPA

MA will email you your Provider Number once received (new practices take approx 2 weeks).

AHM, HCF, NIB, CBHS, Australian Unity

Quote your MA Number.


For Myotherapy: ‘I’+ MA member number +‘Y’ e.g. I160402Y

For Rem/Massage: ‘I’+ MA member number +‘R’ e.g. I160402R

For Massage: ‘I’+ MA member number +‘M’ e.g. I160402M

Health Fund Rules & Conditions are on our website, it is your responsibility to make yourself aware of their requirements. (As signed on our declaration on MA's application form)

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