Why are Professional Development Points important?

Professional Development is a very important process which ensures that practicing myotherapists are keeping their skills up to date and maintaining a high level of competency. Professional Development which is relevant to Myotherapy is eligible for Professional Development Points (PDPs). It is a pre-requisite that PDPs be gained and ongoing to ensure recognition from Health Funds and other authorities and to maintain MA membership.

New PD Guidelines Commencing July 1, 2017, changes include:

  • New one year cycle - 20 PDPs

    PDPs are accumulated over a one year cycle corresponding with the membership year (July 1-June 30) and MA members are required to accrue a total of 20 PDPs per cycle.

    Download the PD Guidelines 2017-2018

  • PD is self-managed

    It is the responsibility of members to ensure they complete and update their Professional Development. Members will be able to check PD record requirements and their accumulated PDP tally, based on self-recorded information.

    When PD activities are complete, members need to fill in a PD Record Form (Formal or Informal) and submit to MA.

    At the time of renewal members must have at least 20 documented PDPs to demonstrate compliance with MA's annual PD target for the concluding PD cycle.

  • You choose the topics, activities and presenters to suit your interests, growth areas and learning style

    The increase in hours is offset by increased flexibility and greater options for ongoing learning and development. Each member will now be free to choose the topics, activities and presenters which suit their specific development needs, interests and learning style.

    View the list of PD Topic Areas

  • PD is divided into two types - Formal Activities and Informal Activities


    MA and MA Accredited Courses, Seminars, Conference and Workshops
    Formal degree/Post-graduate study
    Units (not assessed) from Myotherapy and other Allied Health degree programs


    Webinars/DVDs/Online videos
    Online learning Portal tasks (e.g. Coursera, Medbridge, Physiopedia, Clinica/Edge)
    Attendance at 'In Service' activities
    Participation in MA-endorsed volunteer events
    Podcasts (30 minutes and over)
    Related Association Memberships
    Peer Reviewed Journal Subscriptions
    Journal Articles/Book Chapters

    View Formal and Informal PD Criteria

  • Complete a PD Record Form for each activity and submit to MA

    Members are required to complete PD Data Record forms - Formal or Informal - for each activity and submit to MA for record-keeping. Read the PD Guidelines to know specific documentation requirements for each activity.

    Download PD Record Forms

  • MA will conduct random audits to ensure compliance

    Audits of PD records will occur during the year and will determine whether PDPs allocated are consistent with the guidelines and whether all requirements have been met. Audited members whose professional development is deemed to be inadequate will be required to rectify their PD records by completing additional PD. Failure to rectify within an agreed time period may result in suspension of membership including cancellation of health fund provider numbers.

    Members may be subject to random auditing and therefore need to keep PD documentation for 5 years as outlined in the guidelines.

    View Audit Guidelines and Criteria

Applying for an exemption

Upon application to the PD committee an eligible member may qualify for PDP’s to be reduced or waived and include certified illness, maternity leave and extended overseas travel (prior approval required). Please refer to the Professional Development Guidelines for how to apply for an exemption.

If you have any questions please email or phone the MYOTHERAPY ASSOCIATION AUSTRALIA Office on (03) 9418 3913.

Seeking accreditation as a workshop provider

Workshop providers seeking accreditation for their professional development program will be required to submit their workshop for assessment and allocation of PDPs if eligible. Workshop provider seeking MA Professional Development Accreditation are required to complete a Workshop Accreditation Form for Workshop Organisers.

MA Accreditation Application Form

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