Vehicle Ergonomic Risk Assessment for Allied Health Professionals

May 15, 2018 - 1 minute read

Courses held in Melbourne; Brisbane; Sydney; Gold Coast; Perth; Adelaide; Hobart

This course is designed for those practitioners in both private practice and for those who would like to conduct ergonomic risk assessments within the OHS/WHS setting.

Osteopath Heath Williams and Physiotherapist Wade Brennan will be conducting a 4 hour seminar and practical workshop that will help you:

  • Review hazards and risks associated with vehicle use (driving and manual handling in/out of the vehicle)
  • Reviewing typical driving postures and habits that may increase ones risk of develeoping musculoskeletal complaints
  • Review the step by step process to setting up an individual within a vehicle to improve ones comfort and support
  • Vehicle storage and manual handling best practices
  • Undertaking a basic vehicle ergonomic risk assessment

PDP’s:   4

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